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     Brian Egan with a big Lough Gowna pike, caught 2009 a lake in  Book 3 

  Kevin Lyons with two lovely bream from the mystery lake. Note  the two tones. Find all about this fabulous fishery in Book 4

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Irish Midlands


                               Map of Ireland                                                                                                                                                           Map of Irish Midlands

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Welcome along to this new angling web site. My name is Bernie

 Murphy, Author of  "The Complete Guide to Coarse Fisheries in the

                         Irish Midlands." Books 1-2 and 3.            

On this site you will find information on coarse and game fishing in the Irish Midlands. If you click on to angling reports you can read my regular updates  As well as reporting on my own angling adventures, I will be meeting up with visiting anglers to have a chat, take photo’s and gather whatever information I can.

I will also be promoting my series of books entitled The Complete guide to Coarse  Fisheries in the Irish Midlands Books 1- 2 and 3. These are part of a series of 4 books covering all the lakes and rivers in this part of Ireland, in my fourth and final book, as well as the coarse fisheries I will also be including the game lakes and rivers. I produced a DVD of book 2, this will give you the reader the opportunity to see  the various lakes in the comfort of your own home. You can also view some nice fishing scenes of various anglers catching carp, pike, bream, tench, hybrids, rudd, roach and perch. 

                                                                 Irish Midlands

The Midlands of Ireland is a coarse anglers dream, with hundreds of secluded lakes, rivers and of course the famous Royal Canal. In this series of 4 Books I will be bringing you to every lake, river and along nearly 40 miles of the Royal Canal as it meanders its way towards the mighty River Shannon.

I will be giving in depth information on every fishery, with exact directions on how to get to each one. The books are not just guide books but have some entertaining stories of my good friend Paddy and I, on our angling adventurers over the years. There are also chapters by visiting English anglers on their fishing trips to the Irish Midlands, as well as loads of colour plus black and white photos.



                       8lb Royal Canal Tench for John Wilson                                                                                                         Bernie with a nice Lough Annaghmore Pike



Brian Bohan with a huge wild brownie